Caliach MuM - Site User Installation

Version Relevance: V5

Issue: We have been set up for Caliach MuM. How do I distribute the softwhere to our Users so they are operational?

Background: In August 2018 Caliach announced a service we called Managed User Monthly or MuM for short. It involves Caliach remotely managing a Caliach Vision site's server so that the site is routinely updated with the latest software and is then monitored for problems and/or performance. This provides expert management of the system at a distance.

Sep 18th, 2018

Please note that throughout this article the word server means the computer on which PostgreSQL's server is running for the Caliach Vision licensee and the word client means a user's computer or device that is accessing the database on the server, usually over the Local Area Network (LAN). If you are a Site User and reading this, please skip the next section and go to Installing Clients below.

Amendment note 5th Oct 2018: IT Support Service companies: Experience has demonstrated amply that it is not possible for Caliach to work directly with IT Support Service companies you may use to achieve the above. We can only work with Caliach Licensee staff who will have to deal with 3rd parties if they are involved - Caliach has no direct authority to effectively assist them.

First time after File Sychronisation

Immaediatly after the first File Sychronisation Caliach Staff will prepare the folder structures outside the CaliachMuM folder, as follows:

  1. Run (Open) the root\CaliachMuM\CaliachScripts\MuM_RunMe.bat batch script file which unzips files and copies to create the root folders.

    Copy Folders inside root\CaliachMuM
    The batch file creates a log file: root\CaliachMuM\CaliachScripts\MuMMoveFiles.log and you will have the following:

    Resulting folder structure
    Resulting folder structure.
  2. This batch file can be run at any time to re-load the file structure.
  3. Running <siteshortname>_MuMMoveFiles.bat
    Running MuM_RunMe.bat
  4. You need now to check the Sharing and Security on the 5 Caliach folders:
    Folder Shared Users Privileges
    Z:\CaliachMuM\ No Not Shared - No access
    Z:\CaliachScripts\ No No Access
    Z:\CaliachServerFolder\ Yes Full Control
    Z:\CaliachVision-5.10\ No No Access
    Z:\CaliachVisionClients\ Yes Read & execute
    List folder contents
  5. You now have the correct file/folder structure and you can now start installing Caliach Vision on client computers.

Installing Clients

Operating System 32bit or 64bit
Operating System 32bit or 64bit

  1. First ensure that client coputers have Full Control access to the following shared folders on thr server typically with a mounted drive, for example, drive Z.
  2. You need to establish for each client computer what Operating System it is running so that you can choose the correct CaliachVisionClient to use: macOS, Windows 32bit (x86) or Windows 64bit (x64). On Windows right-click on the computer name and operate Properties.
  3. Copy the folder Z:\CaliachVisionClients\CaliachVision-5.10_MacOS or Z:\CaliachVisionClients\CaliachVision-5.10_Win32 or Z:\CaliachVisionClients\CaliachVision-5.10_Win64 folder into the C:\ drive root (or in the case of a Mac Client into Applications.
  4. Then rename it, removing the _MacOS or _Win32 or _Win64.
  5. You will now have a C:\CaliachVision-5.10 installation.
  6. In it is a shortcut cnamed Caliach Vision V5.10. Right-click and operate Properties and check the Target, which should be C:\CaliachVision-5.10\OmnisRuntime-x64\omnis.exe C:\CaliachVision-5.10\Vision.lbs - note the space in between the executable and library paths.
    Shortcut Properties
    Shortcut Properties
  7. The Start in should be C:\CaliachVision-5.10
  8. Click on Change Icon and Brouse to C:\CaliachVision-5.10\Terminal\Vision.ico
  9. Before attempting to start, double-click on the vc_redist.x64.exe or vc_redist.x64.exe Visual C++ Redistributable installer to make sure the system has the correct C++ libraries installed.
  10. Copy the Caliach Vision V5.10 shortcut onto the user's descktop and use it to test the installation.
  11. If you have to make changes to Caliach Vision V5.10 settings, email a copy of the appropriate file(s) to so that the MuM master can be updated.
  12. Once Caliach Vision logs onto the database without error you can be confident that the following settings files are correct:

File Settings
C:\Caliach Vision-5.10\Terminal\Terminal.inf optServerFolder=Z:\CaliachServerFolder
From there it will pick up the other necessary files.
Z:\CaliachServerFolder\Extras\Caliach.inf Caliach License file.
Z:\CaliachServerFolder\Extras\Logon.db Database Logon Settings.
Z:\CaliachServerFolder\ProgSyst.db Program Maintenance CMS file.
Z:\CaliachServerFolder\ProgUser.db Site Customization CMS file.

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Chris Ross - Senior Consultant